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The Lord's Prayer
(Our Father)
in Cheyenne

Matthew 6:9-13

Here is a recent translation of the Lord's Prayer (the "Our Father") in the Cheyenne language. If you wish to hear the prayer (in WAV sound files), click on each link, as you read along.

9. Tséhéhe'tovatsemenoto tséhestoéstoveto he'amo'omééno, momóxeono'átamaneto. 10. Néxho'hévehonoeo'o. Naa momóxeáahtóneto hétsêhéno ho'eva hápó'e tséhešeáahtóneto hénêhéóhe he'amo'omééno. 11. Hétsetseha éšeeva néxhoxomemeno. 12. Néhvonetanó'tôtse tséhešeó'ôhto'eétâhétse hápó'e tséévâheševonetanó'tomóvótse tséó'ôhto'eéhaetsee'e. 13. Néhvéno'ótâxememeno mâxhávêsévevonôhóha'ónétse, naa néxhótooma'ovemeno tséxhávêséva'e. Naa néma'xevéhoneve, néhoháatamaahe, naa névó'ho'êho'hévatamaahe hétsetseha naa a'ene'xóvéva.

Here is the English translation of this Cheyenne prayer:

9. You who are our father who are in heaven (lit. above-place), I wish for you to be respected (This has the same meaning as "Hallowed be thy name"). 10. Come sit as chief! And I wish for you to be listened to here on earth likewise the way you are listened to there in heaven. 11. This day feed us. 12. Forget about how we have made mistakes in the same way as we forget about those who have wronged us. 13. Help us escape from temptation to do things bad, and shelter us from what is bad. And you are the big chief, you are powerful, and you are lighted up in character now and forever.

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